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William Tharpe, Director
PO Box 34300
Indianapolis, IN 46234
Ph: (317) 969-8890

2019 Summit ET Finals Guidelines

Tuesday, August 13, 2019




PURPOSE OF SERIES: To promote E.T. Bracket Racing attendance at NHRA E.T. series member tracks on a local level of competition with local qualifiers competing in a Division III E.T. FINALS Championship.  Only qualified contestants, those contestants who have participated in at least three-(3) track point’s events, from participating NHRA E.T. series member tracks, will be eligible for the E.T. Finals.



A.)          Tracks must be in good standing with NHRA and the Division III E.T. Series and must abide by all the rules and regulations established by the Series.  If a track within the Division III E.T. Series is in violation of the series requirements, the Series Executive Committee will take appropriate action to reprimand the track, which may include fines and/or loss of eligibility in the Series.

B.)           Tracks must sign up for membership in the series by March 1 of the current year.  Fees for the 2019 Series will be due by June 1, 2019.

C.)           Each member track will be assessed a $200 fee for participation in the Summit ET Finals.

D.)          Out of division tracks must have approval of both Division Directors involved and receive a majority vote by the Division III E.T. Series member tracks.  A new member track has the option to join the series by March 1 of the current year.

E.)           Tracks will be responsible for payment of a $50 entry fee per car/driver, less any entry for any current NHRA Gold Card holder.  Contestant entry fees are due by the opening of the gates for the event.  Penalty for late payment could result in the forfeiture of E.T. Finals team points.  Team Rosters are to be submitted by August 31, 2020.  All track’s points standings as of 8/3/2020 are to be submitted to the Division office.  Points must list number of events each racer has participated in.

F.)           The track manager or team captain is the only person permitted to make additions or replacements to a team roster before 12pm on Thursday September 17, 2020.

G.)          Delay boxes will be permitted in Super Pro (1/8th mile 4.50-7.75) and Super Pro Bike (7.50 – 15.99) only for the NHRA Summit Racing Series Division III Finals.  The Christmas Tree will be fully blinded/shaded with all L.E.D. bulbs aimed toward each lane.  The Compulink CrossTalk feature will be used in Super Pro and Super Pro Bike.  The timeout interval will be 10-seconds and the dial-in will be considered accepted once the driver has pre-staged.  The tree configuration is at the option of all tracks for their weekly events.


2.)        One team allowed per member track. 


3.)           The date and location for the 2020 North Central Division NHRA Summit Racing Series Finals will be September 17-20, 2020 at Summit Motorsports Park.  The 2021 site will be voted on at the 2020-planning meeting.  Any track wishing to submit a proposal to host the 2021 event must submit a written proposal by August 31, 2020 to the NHRA North Central Division office.


 4.)           The number of E.T. Brackets for the 2020 E.T. Finals will be five (5) including the following categories:

SUPER PRO                 (1/8)        4.30 – 7.75                  PRO                 (1/8)        5.40 – 8.99

SPORTSMAN                           12.00 – 19.99                SUPER PRO BIKE           7.50 – 15.99

HIGH SCHOOL                         12.00 – slower             



5.)           The maximum number of car/bike entries per track at the 2019 E.T. Finals is 38 with individual bracket entries limited to a minimum of 2 (no minimum for S/Pro Bike) and maximum of 24 to send a full team.  Maximum 2 High School in addition to original 38 entries.  Tracks are responsible for payment of all entries, less any NHRA gold-card holders.  Cars and bikes are counted together for Team Championship.  A driver may be entered in a maximum of four categories.  A vehicle may used in up to two categories, excluding super pro bike.  Vehicles cannot be used by more than one participant at the event.  High School or Track manager drivers and/or their cars may not be entered in any other eliminator at the E.T. Finals.  Competitors are not permitted to compete for more than one team at this event. 


6.)           Replacement vehicles are permitted prior to the first round of eliminations.  No changes are permitted after the first round of eliminations for each class has begun.  The original vehicle must be withdrawn from competition and cannot be reinstated for the remainder of the event.  The replacement vehicle cannot be or have been utilized by another participant at the same event.  A technical inspection must be completed on site before continuing competition and certification must be current if required.  Drivers are not permitted to switch categories and must remain in their designated class.  Additional time runs for replacement vehicles will not be permitted.  Drivers are limited to one replacement vehicle per class at the event.


7.)           Each track may have up to two (2) High School representatives who must currently be enrolled in high school or a 2020 high school graduate.  No entry fee for car & driver will be charged.  The vehicle must be street-type with a dial-in of 12.00 or slower; tires are limited to DOT street tires.  All other Sportsman E.T. rules apply.  High school class does not earn team points.


8.)          Event entry fees:         Car & Driver or Bike & Rider    $50, Full Event Crew Passes $40


9.)           REVISED 1/07.  A Race of Champions will be run on Friday for each eliminator consisting of the #1 qualifier from each track in each ET Bracket.  No alternates allowed. 

Posted Awards:

S/PRO                 PRO                    SPORTSMAN      S/P BIKE

(1/8 mile)                   (1/8 mile)                   (1/4 mile)                       (1/4 mile)

                        Winner             $1,000 +              $700                      $400                       $700

Runner-up           $400                 $300                      $200                       $300

Semi-final           $200                 $150                      $100                       $150


 10.) 2020 E.T. Finals Purse:
















8th Rd. Loser





7th Rd. Loser





6th Rd. Loser





5th Rd. Loser





4th Rd. Loser





3rd Round Loser





 Includes $3,000 National event qualifying bonus from Summit Racing Equipment.

   Note: must attend National Championship event to receive bonus.


All event winners will receive an NHRA Wally® Trophy, jacket, and NHRA Gold Card.  All Champions including High School will receive Champion rings.


11.)        The 2020-membership fee for all North Central Division member tracks is $200.


12.)         Division 3 E.T. Series member tracks may remain open on the E.T. Finals date, provided their posted purse does not exceed $2,500 or their normal posted purse, whichever is higher, unless approved by the E.T. Steering Committee thirty (30) days prior to the event.


13.)         REVISED 03/17.  A Division 3 E.T. Series Steering Committee will consist of the Division Director, E.T. Finals host track operator and three members of the general track membership.  The Steering Committee will be responsible for various duties as may be directed by the general track membership.  They will review event budgets, projections and expenses.  The Division Director and E.T. Finals host track operator will hold permanent seats on the committee.  The remaining three positions will be voted on by the general track membership every year.

2020 Steering Committee

Division Director                  William Tharpe (317) 969-8890; wtharpe@nhra.com

Host Track Operator            Bill Bader, Jr.  (419) 668-5555; wab@summitmotorsportspark.com

Track Representative          Randy Peters (765) 592-1227; randy@crossroadsdragway.com

Track Representative          B.J. Vangsness (815) 378-8854; bryantj777@aol.com

Track Representative          Kasey Coler (317) 735-8500; kcoler@nhra.com


14.)         The Steering Committee has been directed to review the E.T. Finals event schedule and develop various fun activities that all participants will enjoy.  All member tracks are encouraged to provide ideas on making the event fun and successful for the participants.


14.)       The 2020 Division 3 NHRA Summit Racing Series champions in S/Pro, Pro, Sportsman and S/P Bike will be qualified to participate in the 2020 NHRA Summit Racing Series National Championships which will be held in conjunction with the AAA NHRA Finals at Pomona, Calif., November 12-15, 2020.  Should the Division champion not be able to attend the Race of Champion winner will be invited to attend and in doing so would receive the bonus Summit money.  The second alternate is the event runner-up; third alternate is Race of Champion runner-up.  2020 Division 3 NHRA Summit Racing Series champions must hold a valid NHRA Competition Number or License to compete at the AAA NHRA Finals at Pomona, Calif.  (Effective 10/2013 the minimum 18 year old restriction was lifted.)


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