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2020 Summit ET Finals Guidelines

Tuesday, August 13, 2019


CONTESTANT ENTRY FEES: Contestant entry fees are due prior to gates opening for the event at 12 p.m. on Thursday, September 17, 2020. The team is to consist of 44 qualifiers, with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 24 in the four E.T. Brackets (S/Pro, Pro, Sportsman, & S/P Bike, min. does not apply in S/P Bike). In addition, each track is permitted 2 High School entries. Total fees due: $2,200.00 (44 x $50). Indicate any 2020 NHRA Gold Card Holder and deduct $50 each. There is no charge for High School entries. Make check payable and send fees to: NHRA Division 3 ET Series, PO Box 34300, Indianapolis, IN 46234. Event crew passes for $40 each will be available at the event pit gates.

TEAM ROSTER: The Team Roster or team entry list is due in the Division office by Monday August 31, 2020. The Track Manager and/or Team Captain may make changes to your roster, including Race of Champions representatives, until 12 p.m., Thursday, September 17. Note: The #1 position in each category is your representative for the Sunoco Race of Champions, NO alternates or substitutions will be permitted for the Sunoco Race of Champions participants after roster deadline.

TEAM CAPTAIN: The Team Captain may be the track manager or a designated representative of the team present at the E.T. Finals, who may be called upon in the event of any schedule changes, etc. (It is recommended that the Team Captain NOT be a racer competing in the event, so as not to burden them with necessary get-togethers.) The Team Captain will be the “official connection” between the event director and your team members. A Team Captain meeting will take place at the Parks Tower Friday, September 18, 2020 at 11:00 a.m.

CONDUCT: Un-sportsman like conduct will not be tolerated. Please refer to the 2020 NHRA Rulebook. A midnight noise curfew will be in effect for this event. Any individual and/or team found to be violating the curfew with excessive noise or unsafe behavior will be subject to removal from the facility and/or disqualification from the event and forfeiture of points earned per the Division Director. Overnight security will be in place.

TECH CARDS: Tech cards must be completed and submitted online by Friday September 11th. These are to be COMPLETELY FILLED OUT. Note, submitted tech cards will be used to confirm participant entry into the event.

COMPETITION LICENSE: To avoid delays in processing of competition licenses, we ask that competition licenses be obtained in advance. Neither the North Central Division office nor the Glendora offices will be processing licenses the week of the event. Licenses will not be processed on site.

TECH INSPECTION: It is the responsibility of each Track to explain the online tech process. Self tech will be conducted by the racer by completely filling out the information on the tech card. Spot checks will be performed on site. A car/bike may only be entered by one driver/rider and may only be entered in up to two categories. A qualified racer may be entered in a maximum of four brackets. Of importance are all of the safety items, refer to the 2020 NHRA Rulebook E.T. Bracket Racing and General Regulations sections. An NHRA Competition License and ET Number is required for all entrants, except High School. These are to be obtained prior to the event (Note: it must be an NHRA ET number and not a Super Gas or other category number.) S/Pro and Pro cars running 6.39 or quicker will be required to have an NHRA/SFI Chassis Certification. Certifications will not be available at the event. (ALL CONTESTANTS MUST HAVE A VALID NHRA LICENSE & MEMBERSHIP (does not apply to High School).

DELAY BOXES: Delay boxes will be permitted in S/Pro (1/8 mile 4.30 – 7.75) and Super Pro Bike (1/4 mile 7.50 – 15.99). Delay boxes will NOT be permitted in Pro (1/8 mile 5.40 – 8.99), Sportsman (1/4 mile 12.00 – 19.99), or High School. Any racer found to be using a delay box or device in Pro, Sportsman or High School will be disqualified, in addition, his or her team will be disqualified from any Team Championship standings and awards.

CHRISTMAS TREE: The Christmas Tree will be fully blinded/shaded with Compulink L.E.D. bulbs aimed in-line toward each lane. The Compulink CrossTalk feature will be used in Super Pro and Super Pro Bike. AutoStart will be used in all categories. The timeout interval will be 10-seconds and the dial-in will be considered accepted once the driver has pre-staged. Details of the Compulink AutoStart and CrossTalk features will be posted at the NHRA trailer at the event.

E.T. CONVERSIONS: Below is a handy reference guide in converting 1/8 mile to 1/4 mile elapsed times. These are only estimates, the racer’s performance at the NHRA Summit Racing Series Finals dictates their safety requirements. Every effort should be made by the Track Manager and Track Tech Advisors to place the qualified entry in the proper Bracket on your Team Roster. Minimum or maximum numbers in each bracket may not be exceeded. ET BRACKET 1/8 MILE = 1/4 MILE +/- 2020 Div 3 FINAL Brackets Super Pro 4.30 – 7.67 = 7.00 – 12.50 4.30 – 7.75 1/8-Mile Pro 5.40 – 8.81 = 8.50 - 14.50 5.40 – 8.99 1/8-Mile Sportsman 7.68 – 12.99 = 12.00 – 19.99 12.00 – 19.99 1/4-Mile Super Pro Bike 4.50 – 9.92 = 7.50 – 15.99 7.50 – 15.99 1/4-Mile

ASSIGNED TEAM PIT AREAS: Team parking will once again be used at this year’s E.T. Finals. A map of the park will be issued at the time of registration indicating each Team’s parking area. These are general areas and do not have specific dimensions. Team areas in the grandstand are on a first saved basis. Grandstand areas are to be reasonable in size. No banners or decoration may cover any permanent track signage or cause damage. All decorations are to be removed by the team at the conclusion of the event. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation.

TEAM DESIGNATIONS: Each team member will be issued Team Designation letter decals. These decals will be issued at the event and are to be displayed on either side of the race vehicle and windshield (headlight or helmet on bikes). 2020 TEAM LETTER CODES EAST SIDE TEAMS (Main Gate) WEST SIDE TEAMS (Gate 8) A – Beech Bend Raceway C—Coles County Dragway USA D – Kentucky Dragway M – Milan Dragway I—Lucas Oil Raceway E – Edgewater Sports Park J—Byron Dragway G—World Wide Technology N—National Trail Raceway K—Kil-Kare Dragway P—Pacemakers Dragway Park T – Crossroads Dragway V—Ohio Valley Dragway W – Wagler Motorsports Park

TEAM POINTS CHAMPIONSHIP: A bonus for the Team Championship awards has been posted by the NHRA Summit Racing Series Division 3 E.T. Series. A racer will receive one point for his/her team, for each round win. All ties will be broken by awarding the total tie-breaker points earned by a team based on 5 points for a winner; 4 points for a runner-up; 3 points for a semi-finalist; and 2 points for a quarter-finalist. Super Pro, Pro, Sportsman and Super Pro Bike will be counted together for the Team Championship and eligible for NHRA Summit Team awards. The NHRA Summit Racing Series decal must be displayed on each entry to earn team points. 2020 NHRA SUMMIT RACING SERIES FINALS TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP AWARDS 1st Place Team $200 plus a Summit Team Champion jacket to each Team Member. 2nd Place Team $100 to each Team Member.

TIME TRIAL SESSIONS: Time Trials will be conducted in sessions. Cars/Bikes are to report to the staging lanes only when instructed to do so. The run cards given each contestant will be closely watched. Any racer found to exceed the number of allotted daily runs would be disqualified from the event. Every effort will be made to provide each racer with their allotted time run sessions as scheduled.

SPECIAL PROGRAMS: There will not be any Jr Dragster competition at this event.

Thursday, September 17, 2020 TEST AND TUNE: $50 tech card, must be purchased at separately upon entry. Testing will be from 12pm-6pm. Friday, September 18, 2020

TIME TRIALS: Two per entry, S/P, Pro, Sportsman and S/P Bike. No HS or Track Manager Time Trials on Friday.

RACE OF CHAMPIONS: The Race of Champions will be held Friday afternoon, September 13. There will be an individual race for each of the 4 brackets (S/Pro, Pro, Sportsman, & S/Pro Bike). The fields will consist of the #1 qualifier from each track in their individual bracket as designated on the Team Roster. Note NO alternates or substitutions will be permitted and the Race of Champions qualifier must compete in the same E.T. bracket during regular eliminations. Qualifiers should complete both of their scheduled Friday time trial runs prior to the start of elimination, which get underway at 3:00 p.m. A special time trial session for Race of Champion participants that have not taken their allotted 2 time runs will be run prior to driver introductions. Race of Champions qualifiers will not receive any additional time runs. Drivers will be introduced on stage in front of the Parks Tower prior to the first round of competition. The 2020 cash purse for the Race of Champions will be $5,200. Super Pro Pro Sportsman S/Pro Bike WINNER $1000 $700 $400 $700 Runner-up $400 $300 $200 $300 Semi-finalist $200 $150 $100 $150

FRIDAY BONUS BRACKET RACE: A special bonus race will be run on Friday evening for Pro, S/Pro, S/Pro Bike and Sportsman classes. Racers who have not qualified for the Race of Champions will be eligible to enter the bonus race. Entry $50 and registration must be paid prior to the start at the NHRA Registration Trailer. Entry permitted only to the class in which a racer qualified for the Summit ET Finals. Multiple class entry permitted only for those who qualified for multiple classes. Vehicle in competition must be the same as their registered and teched ET Finals vehicle. No backup vehicles permitted. No refunds after the start of the first round of the race. No buybacks permitted. High School competitors will be permitted to enter the Sportsman class. Pro, S/Pro and Sportsman Payout: Winner $1000, RU $400, Semis $150, Quarters $75 S/Pro Bike Payout: Winner 60%, RU 20% Saturday,

September 19, 2020

DIALING FOR DOLLARS: Special jackpots will be run during the Saturday morning time trial sessions. There will be 4 individual jackpots, one each in S/Pro, Pro, Sportsman and S/Pro Bike, with a $10 entry fee (collected in the staging lanes). 50% of the jackpot will go to the racer closest to his/her dial-in, 25% will go to the second closest to his/her dial-in. In case of a tie, reaction time will be the first tie breaker, if a tie still exists, the first run recorded will be used to break the tie.

BEST APPEARING AWARDS: A Best Appearing Car will be selected in S/Pro, Pro ET and Sportsman and the Best Appearing Bike will be selected from the S/Pro Bike entries. Judging for the Best Appearing Awards will take place during the Dialing for Dollars. Additionally, the Best Engineered Entry and Best Appearing Crew will be selected. Winners will be announced Sunday morning.

NATIONAL DRAGSTER TEAM SPIRIT: There will be a National DRAGSTER Team Spirit award presented to the team showing the most team spirit/support during the event. The National DRAGSTER Team Spirit Award will be judged throughout the event with the winner announced during the special award presentations on Sunday. Winning track receives $400.

HIGH SCHOOL ELIMINATOR: Each track may have two High School representatives who are currently enrolled in high school or was a 2020 graduate. No entry fee will be charged. The student and/or their car for competition may NOT be entered in any other bracket at the E.T. Finals. The dial-in limit is 12.00 seconds or slower. No tow vehicles allowed. Tires are limited to a DOT street tire. Minor release forms have been included in this packet and must be properly completed and turned in at time of registration. An NHRA Competition number is not required. The Team Letter code will be used for scoring i.e. A1, A2; B1, B2, etc. High School will be offered one time trial on Friday, followed by an additional two time runs and eliminations on Saturday. Elimination rounds will be run in rotation between other categories. The winning student will receive an NHRA trophy, a Champion’s ring, a Gold Card, and a Champion’s jacket.

TRACK OPERATOR RACE: A special Track Operator Race will be contested on Saturday afternoon. This is for Track Operators and/or Managers, one per track. The same car rules for the Track Operators as applies in High School. The car and/or driver may not have participated in the event in any other category. No co-pilots in competition. Sunday, September 20, 2020 ELIMINATIONS CONTINUE

CONTINGENCY AWARDS: Eligibility for manufacturers’ 2020 NHRA Summit Racing Series Division Championships Contingency Awards is based on use of product, display of decal on each side of the vehicle during the event, and signing of an advertising release. Check with sponsors for exact qualifications. Sponsors have the right to request post-event inspections for product verification. A limited number of sponsor decals will be available during registration hours at the registration trailer.

PRIZES: All Super Pro, Pro, Sportsman, S/Pro Bike and High School participants will receive an NHRA Summit Racing Series hat and 2020 qualifier decal at the event. Division Champion jackets and special Division Champion gold rings will be awarded at the annual NHRA North Central Division Awards Banquet December 7, 2020. Rings are presented to the S/Pro, Pro, Sportsman, S/Pro Bike and High School Division Champions at the banquet.

2020 North Central Division Finals Cash Purse S/PRO PRO ET SPORTSMAN S/PRO BIKE (4.30-7.75) (5.40-8.99) (12.00-19.99) (7.50-15.99)

Champion $7,000 * $5,500 * $4,000 * $4,000 * Runner-up 2,000 1,250 500 500 8th Rd Loser 1,500 750 400 400 7th Rd Loser 1,000 600 300 300 6th Rd Loser 500 300 250 250 5th Rd Loser 250 150 100 100 4th Rd Loser 100 75 75 75 3rd Rd Loser 50 50 50 50 • Includes $3,000 National event qualifying bonus from Summit Racing Equipment.

NHRA SUMMIT RACING SERIES NATIONALS: Division Champions in Super Pro, Pro, Sportsman and S/Pro Bike will advance to the NHRA Summit Racing Series Nationals to be held in conjunction with the AAA NHRA Finals in Pomona, Calif., November 14-17, 2020. Each national participant will receive $3,000 for attending and entering the event. Each NHRA Summit Racing Series National Champion will receive $5,000. Should the Division Champion not be able to attend the national championships then the Race of Champion winner will be invited and will receive the $3,000 upon participation. The third alternate will be the event runner-up and the fourth alternate will be the Race of Champion runner-up. Should none of the four be able to attend, then the position will be left vacant. Participants must attend national championship to receive $3,000 bonus. A total cash purse of $116,000 has been posted for the NHRA Summit Racing Series National Championships.

WORKER LIST: We encourage each track to contact us prior to the event with a list of volunteer workers that would be interested in assisting with the event. Qualified workers will be needed in registration, staging and starting line. The NHRA Certification Team will coordinate staging operations for eliminations on Saturday and Sunday, enabling the track operators and volunteers to enjoy the event with their teams.

We’ve tried to cover just about everything, but should you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call. Remember the Team Roster is due by digital submission August 31, 2020. Entry fees are due by 12:00pm Thursday, September 17, 2020. We look forward to working with you in making this one of the best E.T. Finals yet!

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